Copyright      2016  FORT BEND DIAPER BANK.  All Rights Reserved.  The Fort Bend Diaper Bank is a 501c3 tax exempt Texas non-profit corporation.

Working together to change lives in the Greater Houston area - one bottom at a time.

Fort Bend Diaper Bank is not a chartered bank or trust company, or depository institution.

  It is not authorized to accept deposits or trust accounts and is not licensed or regulated by any state or federal banking authority.

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  • JANUARY 2016
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank establishes membership with the Houston Federal Credit Union for financial transactions
  • NOVEMBER 2015
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank receives its IRS Determination Letter and 501(c)3 status retroactive to May 2015
  • MAY 2015
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank receives its Certificate of Non-Profit Corporation from the Texas Secretary of State and signs it third recipient agency partnership agreement with Fort Bend Senior Meals on Wheels
  • MARCH 2015
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank reserves its name with the Texas Secretary of State and receives a letter of No Objection from the Texas Department of Banking
  • JANUARY 2015
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank becomes a member of the National Diaper Bank Network, applies for and receives its Tax ID number, signs second recipient agency partnership agreement with Fort Bend County Women's Center
  • DECEMBER 2014
    Memorial Hermann Hospital - Sugar Land and George Ranch High School NHS Club each host DIAPER DRIVES gathering over 2,700 diapers and incontinence supplies
  • OCTOBER 2014
    ATT Sugar Land Store and LOGOS PREP ACADEMY each host community-first DIAPER DRIVES gathering over 12,000 diaper and incontinence supplies
  • AUGUST 2014
    Fort Bend Diaper Bank launches and signs first recipient agency partnership agreement with Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands
  • The Fort Bend Diaper Bank does not distribute diapers or incontinence supplies to individuals.
  • We work to educate our community about Diaper Need and encourage OTHERS to host diaper drives and fundraisers to sustain our donation supplies.  
  • The Fort Bend Diaper Bank partners with social service agencies who distribute diaper and incontinence supplies to all those in need.
  • Whether it's a family struggling to make ends meet or someone who needs assistance because of a sudden disaster like a home fire or flood the Fort Bend Diaper Bank is there to help close the "DIAPER GAP". 

If you or your loved one needs help with diapers or incontinence supplies CALL "211" Texas for assistance.  They will be able to direct you to the food pantry or diaper bank nearest you.

do you need help now?

HOW the diaper bank OPERATEs

Works like a food drive only you gather diapers and incontinence supplies.  Host one at work, your school, your place of worship, anywhere!

We educate the community on "diaper need" and take the lead on community efforts to sustain this need. 

Many Houston area families and senior citizens struggle financially every week with simple choices. Do they buy diapers or fix their car?  Should they re-fill prescriptions or buy incontinence supplies?  WIC and SNAP funds don't allow for diaper purchases.  Incontinence supplies aren't covered by Medicare unless deemed medically necessary.  The Fort Bend Diaper Bank helps close these gaps for many on a weekly basis. 

Laura Solyom, Executive Director

Our founder